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by Nippy13

Oddio!!! XD :rofl: No, davvero fa troppo ridere un pensiero del genere!!! Dì la verità, non è che hai visto l'episodio di House of Mouse dove Ade si innamora di Malefica? XDXDXD Ok, ok, seri adesso. Allora, colori: scuri e tenbrosi, assolutamente adatti a questi due. Ade, lui lo hai fatto perfetto, assol...

by Nippy13

Altro lavoro da wow! :la: Ed intendo wow nel senso di "CIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INFERMIERA!!!!" stile animaniacs. Penso che se Aladdin la vedesse così sverebbe di colpo. L'abito mi piace moltissimo, ma secondo me potevi evitare le calze a rete e sostituirle con qualcosa un pò più... Come dire... Rosso san...

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Servant of the succubi queen...and gregarious by REDDISH-MUSE
Servant of the succubi queen...and gregarious
Presenting the servant of Malcanteth, queen of the succubi: :rose: Zarina Reygal and her familiar, Eka :rose:

...what? Oh, the guy? It's her gregarious, Dante. Poor devil is completely love-struck...and Zarina is more than happy to break his heart...along with some bones probably.
The priestess of Lolth by REDDISH-MUSE
The priestess of Lolth
If any of you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you know exactly what the title means.
Long story short, one of my most recent PCs: :blackrose: the young cleric of the queen of spiders, Ecneth Minloth :blackrose:
Hearts in a row by REDDISH-MUSE
Hearts in a row
:party: :iconcakeplz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconidigoddpairings: :iconcakeplz: :party:

So...I've been saving this pic for a very special occasion and your birthday couldn't be a greater special occasion to me :iconsuperglompplz:
Btw, I hope you like the flowers...they're called "Hearts of Mary" in italian and I thought they suited the pic just nicely, like the dress, which I know you're gonna love.
I hope you have a blast of a bday party dear, my best wishes for everyday to be as special as this.

Transformers animated belongs to Hasbro
Lydia belongs to :iconidigoddpairings:
Painting the roses... by REDDISH-MUSE
Painting the roses...
Well, what other color? XD
:iconcakeplz: Happy (late) Birthday :iconhealercharm: :iconcakeplz: :iconlaplz:

So sorry it's a bit late, but...things are pretty busy for me lately (when aren't they?) so coloring is taking longer than anticipated...cause in order to color even a small piece like this I need a whole afternoon...and I don't have many of those free and for myself.

Anyway, hope your enjoy your pic dear! :hug: I love ya!!! :heart:

Transformers animated belongs to Hasbro
Alice in wonderland (this version) belongs to Disney
Minibeam belongs to dear :iconhealercharm:
Asgardian women by REDDISH-MUSE
Asgardian women
Thank you :iconevilblot:
So you see, when my dear friend came over to me for my bday, we couldn't do much outside due to the bad weather so we started sketching a bit, bringing up some ideas for future rps and, here they are now, finished and in all of their beauty.
On the left, :iconevilblot:'s character, Kalinthya Thornlady, the most badass barbarian lady from here to Baldur's Gate ( :rofl: ) and on the right, my character, Raila Luckygem, the lovely elven enchantress.
Won't get into details with 'em, but...I got the feeling that we'll be seeing more and more of them soon. ;)

Characters designed by me
Color by :iconevilblot:
Asgard scenario from Marvel series of Thor


Roberta Maria Casadio
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Current Residence: Italy
Favourite genre of music: All of it!
Wallpaper of choice: A pic from a friend of mine
Skin of choice: The one I was born with X3
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmm...everyone? :3


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I just realised that I wrote my last entry about a year time does fly when your life is shit.
Well, to be honest I can't complain much. Met a lot of new people this year, had fun with friends, an awesome birthday party and been busy as heck...still don't have a job, which sucks...but I don't complain as much as my parents would want me to. I guess it's because I keep myself busy.
Anyway, enough bout you guys, all good, yeah? Good.

News for this journal/year/month...whatever. I will not take anymore requests/commissions/art trades or anything of the sort until I finally sort out the ones that I'm finally managing to finish. As for my projects, I haven't forgotten about them either...I've just been more focused on other projects with my friends here in Italy.

Once more I must ask you all to be patient...and if I sound demanding even in my slowness...please forgive me, but this is a really bad time for me and I need to take things one at a time as much as I can.

With that said, the time for festivities is approaching and I will be in desperate need of work (as if right now I'm not) the only commissions I shall accept from now on, are the ones where I get actually paid. And that means my fimo art. I still need to sell a lot of stuff, even if I managed to sell some it's not enough. I won't post anything on my etsy account until I get someone here on dA or on facebook (facebook only for italians) checks out my gallery and sees something he/she wants to buy.
I'll leave the link, just in case for the future:…

For now, good evening everybody and have a good week.


01 - Harpy : PHOENIX :iconmythcraze776: MGC Harpy - Halloween -7 by REDDISH-MUSE
02 - Centaur
03 - Slime
04 - Naga : LYDIA :iconidigoddpairings: MGC Naga by REDDISH-MUSE
05 - Mermaid : GOLDY :iconaxel464: MGC Mermaid - Halloween -6 by REDDISH-MUSE
06 - Spider Girl
07 - Plant Girl : ROSEBUD :iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx: MGC Plant Girl - Halloween -5 by REDDISH-MUSE
08 - Octomaid
09 - Demon : RIVET :iconyodana: WIP
10 - Succubus : EXODIA :iconstar-onyx: MCG Succubus - Halloween -4 by REDDISH-MUSE
11 - True Monster
12 - Zombie
13 - Insect Girl : SPARKCHIP :iconkaitlinexe: MGC Insect Girl - Halloween -3 by REDDISH-MUSE
14 - Dullahan
15 - Dragon/Reptile Girl
16 - Ghost : MINIBEAM :iconhealercharm: MGC Ghost - Halloween -2 by REDDISH-MUSE
17 - Robot
18 - Alien
19 - Cyclop
20 - Satyr
21 - Canine Girl
22 - Cat Girl : SKYRUNNER :iconalucardy2000: MGC Cat Girl - Halloween -1 by REDDISH-MUSE
23 - Yokai
24 - Multiple Limbs


25 - Witch : LUST (Me), ESPIER :iconpurrv: , SG MAGNIA :iconaleximusprime: MGC Extra 001 - HALLOWEEN WITCHES by REDDISH-MUSE
26 - Killer Doll
27 - Snow Woman
28 - Vampire : ATTICA PRIME :iconwaterphoenixwarrior:
29 - Mummy
30 - Genie



Red flowers:
Red Rose: Temptation :iconhealercharm: Red rose by REDDISH-MUSE
Anthurium: Magnia :iconaleximusprime: Anthurium by REDDISH-MUSE

Orange flowers:
Orange Tulip: Harpy :iconkoopastar: (WIP)

Yellow flowers:
Narcissus: Espier :iconpurrv: Narcissus by REDDISH-MUSE

Green flowers (yes, there are green flowers XD):
Epipactis Grueteri: Lydia :iconidigoddpairings: Green Orchid - Epipactis Grueteri II by REDDISH-MUSE
Ophrys Garganica: Rosebud :iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx:
Plantathera Chlorantha: Sanguijuela :iconsanguijuela:
Epipactis Helleborine:

Blue flowers:
Anemone: Stormrig :icont-m-n-t: Anemone by REDDISH-MUSE

Light blue flowers:
Bellflower: Arte :iconarce78: Bellflower by REDDISH-MUSE
Forget-me-not: Skyrunner :iconalucardy2000: Forget-me-not by REDDISH-MUSE

Purple flowers:
Violet: Phoenix :iconmythcraze776: Violet by REDDISH-MUSE
Pink flowers:
Azalea: Minibug :iconaxel464: Azalea by REDDISH-MUSE
Cherry blossom: Weakpurr :icontora-shiromaru: Cherry blossom by REDDISH-MUSE

White flowers:
Orange blossom: Jadebutterfly :iconhealercharm: Orange Blossom by REDDISH-MUSE
Morning glory:

Black flowers (yeah, I went there):
Dracula Orchid:
Black Iris: Lust :iconreddish-muse: (WIP)
Black Tulip: For-Tuner :iconisrael42: Black Tulip by REDDISH-MUSE
Black Pansy Violet: Rivet :iconyodana: Black Pansy by REDDISH-MUSE


Commissions Price List (ON HOLD):

5 :points: for simple sketches, big or small ( Comm. 16 Amana and Prowl by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 19 FF and Lust by REDDISH-MUSE )

10 :points: for character designs colored and uncolored ( For Azula-is-INSANE by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 22 Pirate Devois by REDDISH-MUSE )

15 :points: for colored drawings with a simple background ( Across a blazing sky by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 25 Dirtboss and Minibeam by REDDISH-MUSE )

20 :points: for colored drawings with a more complex background ( C: JB and BB wedding scene by REDDISH-MUSE ; Forget-me-not by REDDISH-MUSE )

3 :points: for any additional character or piece of background.


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