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by Nippy13

Oddio!!! XD :rofl: No, davvero fa troppo ridere un pensiero del genere!!! Dì la verità, non è che hai visto l'episodio di House of Mouse dove Ade si innamora di Malefica? XDXDXD Ok, ok, seri adesso. Allora, colori: scuri e tenbrosi, assolutamente adatti a questi due. Ade, lui lo hai fatto perfetto, assol...

by Nippy13

Altro lavoro da wow! :la: Ed intendo wow nel senso di "CIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INFERMIERA!!!!" stile animaniacs. Penso che se Aladdin la vedesse così sverebbe di colpo. L'abito mi piace moltissimo, ma secondo me potevi evitare le calze a rete e sostituirle con qualcosa un pò più... Come dire... Rosso san...

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:spotlight-left: Awesome art of awesome people :spotlight-right:


New Halloween Town - Paige the Voodoo Doll WIP by REDDISH-MUSE
New Halloween Town - Paige the Voodoo Doll WIP
This is probably one of my finest designs yet, and she was inspired to me by (and she's for) :iconolgatarta:
Awww, my little turtle :heart: hope you like.

Name: Paige
Age: 20
Notes: Paige is an artist of the most"gruesome art" of Halloween Town... Tattooes. She has her own Tattooes salon, the "Second Skin", where she can either make you a regular tattoo or even saw on you already tattooed skin. Some say it's unnatural, some say it's out of style, but everybody says it's probably the creepiest thing that's ever happened in Halloween Town since the invention of screaming. She seemingly never runs out of work, seeing how the teens of Halloween Town are so volatile one moment they'll want a skin tattoo implant and the next they'll want an actual tattoo... However, she doesn't complain, she likes what she does and she does it best, after all the only other needlewoman who's as good as she is, is Sally...

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton
New Halloween Town - Yvonne the Cyclops WIP by REDDISH-MUSE
New Halloween Town - Yvonne the Cyclops WIP
Ok, she's a cutie... A creepy cutie, but a cutie... You can't help but look in her... Eye! XD

Name: Yvonne
Age: 16
Notes: Do you know the popular girls from high school, the ones that are always in fashion and that every boy falls in love with? That's Yvonne, just without the ultra bitchy attitude. She's a total ball of both cute and creepy, like a kawaii japanese gothic lolita and she knows it. She likes to show off her dark style and her natural cuteness, but that's only natural considering she's seen as the cutest girl in Halloween Town... Cuter even than Jack and Sally's daughters. No one is really jealous of her though, all of her flaws aside, she's likable... Just like any other half cyclops, half satyr girl can be. And if you're wondering, yes, she has a goat tail.

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton
New Halloween Town - Thalo the Experiment WIP by REDDISH-MUSE
New Halloween Town - Thalo the Experiment WIP
Name: Thalo
Age: 2 (Technically 2 cause unlike the other characters from Halloween Town he was built...2 years ago... But he's got the body of a 25-ish years old guy)
Notes: Thalo was created in Doctor Finklestein's laboratory... However, it wasn't the Doctor who built him, it was Arthur. Arthur built Thalo to serve as sort of a body-guard and guardian to his family, especially to the girls, not only Sally but also her daughters... And especially Geraldine. He's very silent, talking only when necessary and preferring actions to words, he's also very stiff as you'd expect from an automaton, but that doesn't mean he can't be quick when he needs to. He was often asked if he wanted new clothes for himself, since Sally would be more than happy to make him new ones, but he seems to be comfortable with the few rags he likes to wear.

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton
New Halloween Town - Vivi the Swamp Monster WIP by REDDISH-MUSE
New Halloween Town - Vivi the Swamp Monster WIP
And now, for the girl from Mystery Skulls Animated... VIVI!! :la:

Name: Vivi
Age: 18
Notes: She's the daughter of the lagoon monster of Halloween Town, known as the Undersea Gal (though now she's the Undersea Mom) and she lives in the swamp near Halloween Town with her and her brother... Though she very much prefers Halloween Town since her friends and her boyfriend live there. Vivi loves everything scary, creepy, grotesque, macabre and...romantic, that is why she and Dahlia go along so well. She has a deal with Dahlia, she provides her with books from her shop, the "Tome Tomb" for free, and in exchange Dahlia invites her to try her new mixes of tea.

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton
Vivi's original design and story belong to MysteryBen (As well as the name of Vivi's shop, forgive me MysteryBen, I was out of ideas)
New Halloween Town - Arthur the Frankenstein WIP by REDDISH-MUSE
New Halloween Town - Arthur the Frankenstein WIP
More characters from Mystery Skulls Animated... :heart:

Name: Arthur Finklestein
Age: 22
Notes: Arthur is Doctor Finklestein's latest creation and Sally's younger brother. He works at the lab as an assistant to the doctor, however he's only good at it when it comes to mechanical inventions or experimentations... He's actually quite frightened of opening things up or working with black magic to understand how it works and he's more than happy to leave these tasks to the Doctor's other lab assistant. Jack and Sally's kids, although they know Arthur is technically their uncle, all like to call him cousin or with other nicknames seeing him as too young to be their uncle.

The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Tim Burton
Arthur's original design and story belong to MysteryBen 


Roberta Maria Casadio
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Italy
Favourite genre of music: All of it!
Wallpaper of choice: A pic from a friend of mine
Skin of choice: The one I was born with X3
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmm...everyone? :3


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So, long story short, I was away with a friend these last few days for my bday...
Yep, my friend :iconevilblot: came to spend this time of the year with me that and before that I've been away to Ancona city to meet the actor from the Lord of the Rings movies: Billy Boyd, with another friend (and you know who you are ;p ).

Yeah, I've been busy and neglecting my computer... But I've had a truly lovely time and I'm very very happy at the moment, though today my friend left and the other too and I'm feeling a bit lonesome, returning online and finding all your 'happy birthday' wishes really warms my heart and reminds me once more that I'm not as lonesome as I may feel from time to time.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves these last days and, well, in the future I'll try to be more active and more present and show more of my works.

In the meantime, thank you again for all your sweetness and kindness and for all the presents, you guys are THE BEST!! :thumbsup:



01 - Harpy : PHOENIX :iconmythcraze776: MGC Harpy - Halloween -7 by REDDISH-MUSE
02 - Centaur : JADEBUTTERFLY :iconhealercharm: MGC Centaur by REDDISH-MUSE
03 - Slime
04 - Naga : LYDIA :iconidigoddpairings: MGC Naga by REDDISH-MUSE
05 - Mermaid : GOLDY :iconaxel464: MGC Mermaid - Halloween -6 by REDDISH-MUSE
06 - Spider Girl
07 - Plant Girl : ROSEBUD :iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx: MGC Plant Girl - Halloween -5 by REDDISH-MUSE
08 - Octomaid : Desiree :iconaumbresuai: MGC Octo-maid by REDDISH-MUSE
09 - Demon : RIVET :iconyodana: MGC Demon by REDDISH-MUSE
10 - Succubus : EXODIA :iconstar-onyx: MCG Succubus - Halloween -4 by REDDISH-MUSE
11 - True Monster
12 - Zombie
13 - Insect Girl : SPARKCHIP :iconkaitlinexe: MGC Insect Girl - Halloween -3 by REDDISH-MUSE
14 - Dullahan
15 - Dragon/Reptile Girl
16 - Ghost : MINIBEAM :iconhealercharm: MGC Ghost - Halloween -2 by REDDISH-MUSE
17 - Robot
18 - Alien
19 - Cyclop
20 - Satyr
21 - Canine Girl : CEE CEE & SHAYDES :iconyodana: MGC Canine girl(s) by REDDISH-MUSE
22 - Cat Girl : SKYRUNNER :iconalucardy2000: MGC Cat Girl - Halloween -1 by REDDISH-MUSE
23 - Yokai : ASIMA PRIME :iconisrael42: MGC Yokai by REDDISH-MUSE
24 - Multiple Limbs


25 - Witch : LUST (Me), ESPIER :iconpurrv: , SG MAGNIA :iconaleximusprime: MGC Extra 001 - HALLOWEEN WITCHES by REDDISH-MUSE
26 - Killer Doll
27 - Snow Woman
28 - Vampire : ATTICA PRIME :iconwaterphoenixwarrior: MGC Extra 003 - Vampire by REDDISH-MUSE
29 - Mummy : FLUORITE :iconmonsterkatze: MGC Extra 004 - Mummy by REDDISH-MUSE
30 - Genie
31 - Fairy : LYDIA (again XD) :iconidigoddpairings: MGC Extra 002 - Woods Sprite by REDDISH-MUSE



Red flowers:
Red Rose: Temptation :iconhealercharm: Red rose by REDDISH-MUSE
Anthurium: Magnia :iconaleximusprime: Anthurium by REDDISH-MUSE

Orange flowers:
Orange Tulip: Harpy :iconkoopastar: (WIP)

Yellow flowers:
Narcissus: Espier :iconpurrv: Narcissus by REDDISH-MUSE

Green flowers (yes, there are green flowers XD):
Epipactis Grueteri: Lydia :iconidigoddpairings: Green Orchid - Epipactis Grueteri II by REDDISH-MUSE
Ophrys Garganica: Rosebud :iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx:
Plantathera Chlorantha: Sanguijuela :iconsanguijuela:
Epipactis Helleborine:

Blue flowers:
Anemone: Stormrig :icont-m-n-t: Anemone by REDDISH-MUSE

Light blue flowers:
Bellflower: Arte :iconarce78: Bellflower by REDDISH-MUSE
Forget-me-not: Skyrunner :iconalucardy2000: Forget-me-not by REDDISH-MUSE

Purple flowers:
Violet: Phoenix :iconmythcraze776: Violet by REDDISH-MUSE
Pink flowers:
Azalea: Minibug :iconaxel464: Azalea by REDDISH-MUSE
Cherry blossom: Weakpurr :icontora-shiromaru: Cherry blossom by REDDISH-MUSE

White flowers:
Orange blossom: Jadebutterfly :iconhealercharm: Orange Blossom by REDDISH-MUSE
Morning glory:

Black flowers (yeah, I went there):
Dracula Orchid:
Black Iris: Lust :iconreddish-muse: (WIP)
Black Tulip: For-Tuner :iconisrael42: Black Tulip by REDDISH-MUSE
Black Pansy Violet: Rivet :iconyodana: Black Pansy by REDDISH-MUSE


Commissions Price List (ON HOLD):

5 :points: for simple sketches, big or small ( Comm. 16 Amana and Prowl by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 19 FF and Lust by REDDISH-MUSE )

10 :points: for character designs colored and uncolored ( For Azula-is-INSANE by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 22 Pirate Devois by REDDISH-MUSE )

15 :points: for colored drawings with a simple background ( Across a blazing sky by REDDISH-MUSE ; Comm. 25 Dirtboss and Minibeam by REDDISH-MUSE )

20 :points: for colored drawings with a more complex background ( C: JB and BB wedding scene by REDDISH-MUSE ; Forget-me-not by REDDISH-MUSE )

3 :points: for any additional character or piece of background.


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